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Online Brand Ratings - Corporate Identity Theft, Phishing & Operational Risks

The Online Brand Rating™ is 1 of the 5 parts of the IP Governance Operational Risk Management, Quantification and Rating model described on the home page of IPGovernance.com, a service of the IP Governance Task Force.

The Online Brand Rating model measures exposure to current and future corporate identity fraud, including phishing, based on GLBA 501(b) Information Security Standards. Corporate identity fraud is defined as confusingly similar domain names, owned or available for registration by unauthorized parties, that seek to deceive, divert and/or defraud consumers. Metrics for determing domain names at risk include relevant trademark rights and historical Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy cases. Brands that have significant exposure to corporate identity fraud earn the "F" Online Brand Rating. Brands that have minimal exposure to this class of risk earn the "A" Online Brand Rating.

The purpose of the Online Brand Rating is to help:

(1) Boards of Directors and C-Level executives measure the effectiveness of their Information Security Program for IP Governance.

(2) Consumers understand the degree of exposure for bank brands to corporate identity theft, a source of terrorism funding.

Online Brand Ratings are available online as a Pillar 3 service under Basel II. Pillar 3 is designed to provide disclosures on operational risk profiles, in this case, on IP information security risks.
Online Brand Ratings
Ratings provided for banks, credit unions, credit card firms, data brokers and publishers.
Ratings based on Publicly Available Information.
Protecting Consumers Online
Organizations that have earned an "A" Online Brand Rating
News articles on phishing, corporate identity fraud and consumer vulnerabilities are posted here.

A full description of the Online Brand Rating model is online: http://onlinebrandrating.com

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